Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Clean Your Way to NaturalChemical-Free Skin Care Products for Your Family

(Beauty), Its spring time and time for spring cleaning! This year, during this seasonal ritual, Stuff for Sprouts advises homeowners to be sure to go through bathroom cabinets and replace old, chemical-filled skin care products with natural alternatives.

According to Consumer Reports, only 11 percent of ingredients in personal care products are tested for safety in the United States. So how do you know which products contain chemicals or additives? When you look at the ingredients and you can't pronounce them? That's a really strong indication that you don't want to put it on your skin.

During Oprah's recent Earth Day special, green expert and author Sofie Uliano highlighted that healthy and natural skin care products are both paraben- and phthalate-free.

The entire Stuff for Sprouts line is formulated without using parabens, nut oils, animal products, soy, artificial colors, or chemical fillers. The company offers parents phthalate-free product choices. Stuff for Sprouts does not do any animal testing and always promises to produce products with "Nothing weird. Nothing gross. Just good stuff for dry skin."

"As a mother of two, I concern myself with ingredients that may be potentially harmful to my children," said Kristen Bassick creator and founder of Stuff for Sprouts. "I created Stuff for Sprouts to provide my own children with a healthy skin care alternative to what was being offered by my local drugstore."

Stuff for Sprouts Products

Cream for Extra Crunchy Kids is the powerhouse formula of the line with high concentrations of no less than 7 natural oils and butters chosen specifically for their ability to help sensitive, dry skin.

Lotion for Crunchy Kids is a lighter recipe appropriate for normal to dry skin. With healing Aloe Butter and Evening Primrose oil, it packs plenty of natural moisture-enhancing power.

Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers, a generously sized balm with a handy oval shape, is perfect for one-swipe application to even the most resistant "Sprout". The Olive Butter intensive formula is smooth, long-lasting, and, most importantly, super-effective in wiping out winter-chapped lips.

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