Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beat Your Wedding Weight Loss Blues with Great Weight Loss Tips

(Diet & Weight Loss), According to recent research, women are more likely to want to lose weight for their wedding day than any other time in their lives. Most brides questioned by want to lose up to 20 lbs before their wedding. This usually accounts for a 10-15 percent decrease in their total body weight.

It is often the custom nowadays for women to buy a wedding dress which is one or two sizes smaller than their current size to make their weight loss more pressurized, thus more important and time sensitive to them. has launched a new campaign to help women lose weight for their wedding day. They are offering tips on healthy and natural weight loss in response to this, as they are concerned about the extreme measures that young women undertake, such as skipping meals and taking weight loss pills which are from bogus companies out there.

"We are concerned that women are not approaching their wedding weight loss plans in the right way, so have decided to release some of the best weight loss tips specifically for brides. It's important that women realize that natural weight loss and healthy exercise should be part of the whole weight loss process" suggests Katie Downing-Howitt, Marketing and Product Manager at

Clinically proven, non-surgical weight loss is possible

Proactol™ is a clinically proven fat binder, which is well established as being able to bind up to 28% of your dietary fat, reduce calorie intake and help reduce food cravings.

With no known side effects, Proactol™ is a medically backed fat binder which is naturally organic and taken in tablet form.

As Dr Joerg Gruenwald, a widely respected medical professional within world class medical research, has asserted: "Proactol™ offers a healthy way of making it easier to take charge of your weight and eating habits. It is also addressing issues beyond weight management, such as lowering cholesterol and balancing blood glucose fluctuations."

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