Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fitness Seekers On Notice: Outdoor Boot Camp Season Has Arrived

(Weight Loss)/Fitness boot camp is moving out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Andrea "Dre" Everett, owner of D3 Boot Camp in Chicago, says it is time to rejuvenate your fitness regimen and get ready to have room to move. Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp is now enlisting!

What makes outdoor boot camp special? "We have more options," says Everett. "For example, we can run long distance sprints, which really change the dynamics of the workout." The Boot Camp Diva says that while indoor boot camp is a great way to keep fit in the winter months, moving outdoors energizes her clients because they take advantage of the warm weather and fresh air.

Cardiovascular endurance is an area where outdoor boot camp classes can really make a difference. Everett says that with a combination of cardio and muscle workout, outdoor boot campers "really get a full body blast." She says her indoor boot camps are challenging, but once outdoor season starts, "the workouts are really super charged."

Special considerations must be taken before starting outdoor boot camp. "I tell my members to bring a sweatshirt, mat, water, weights and mosquito spray once we go outside," Everett says. "Also, they need to wear good running shoes."

Additionally, Everett notes that outdoor boot campers face a greater risk of dehydration. "Members need to pace themselves and to bring plenty of water. Adequate hydration is the key to getting through these workouts."

But even beginners can benefit from outdoor boot camp. "Everything can be modified to the individual. We make sure everyone is working at their own personal max," the Boot Camp Diva says. The same class can have one person running multiple sprints while another walks briskly.

D3 holds BootCamp Divas for women only, BootCampCo-Eds for men and women, and coming soon BootKamp Kids for children 8-17.

D3 presently serves over 160 members in Chicago, and with the addition of outdoor boot camp classes Everett expects to nearly double her membership. Whether outdoor or indoor, D3 is one of the fastest growing fitness programs in Chicago. Everett has spent years perfecting her boot camp fitness program. Her experience has shown her, those who start a fitness program with a made up mind are the ones who get fit and stay there. D3's motto is -- "Made up minds get results."

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