Friday, September 26, 2008

The next Internet

Official Google Blog: The next Internet

Very interesting. Google is turning 10 follow the link and read about the next internet.

If you Click up there you may also like to see the last 10 years

Health Clubs: It’s That Time Of Year

SPORTSMITH™ is proud to announce the release of the 2008 SPORTSMITH™ Fall Edition Catalog, featuring the industry's largest selection of Fitness Equipment Parts, Treadmill Running Belts, Decks, Rollers, Strength Equipment and Fitness Products, all with express same-day shipping.


The 204-page catalog features savings of up to 30% on OEM and SPORTSMITH™ Brand Treadmill Running Belts, Decks and Rollers for popular brands such as Life Fitness, Star Trac, Precor and many more.

Each catalog is packed full of Maintenance Carts, Equipment Diagrams, Fitness Equipment Parts, Fitness Products and Maintenance Information for the most popular brands of fitness equipment such as Life Fitness, Star Trac, StairMaster, Schwinn, Precor, Landice and many others.

The SPORTSMITH™ Fall Edition Catalog further offers new expanded selections of Sports Performance Training items such as Agility Dots, Agility Domes, Mini Hurdles, Agility Ladders, Lateral Power Trainer and Nutrition featuring Zola Acai Super Fruit Juice™.

Functional training items include Fitness Boxing, Balance & Stability, Exercise Mats, Speed & Agility, Sports Specific Training, Fitness Assessment, Audio Accessories, Resistance Tubing & Bands, Weighted Resistance and more.

SPORTSMITH Indoor Cycling Products include parts for Schwinn, Star Trac V2™, V-Bike™ and RevMaster™.

Innovative strength training products feature Cybex Classic and VR2 Upholstered Pads, Cable Attachment Bars, Hardware and Accessories, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Racks and International Bars.

A variety of the most popular functional training and core/balance products include Polar® Heart Rate Monitors, SportStep, the Original Health Club Step™, SPORTSMITH Resistance Bands, Medicine and Stability Balls, Yoga and Exercise Mats.

“The SPORTSMITH mission is to supply the most popular fitness equipment parts, the best functional and personal training products in the fitness industry with the benefit of hassle-free customer service, 24/7 online ordering and express same-day shipments,” reported Brad Schupp, President.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Athletes Plagued By Foot Injurys During Fall Sports Seasons

(Health & Fitness), With the 2008-09 football season still in its
fledgling stages, story lines for many teams in the spotlight have
evolved from the typical 'who to watch' to 'who's gone down now?' Chris
'Beanie' Wells
, starting running back for the Ohio State University
, continues to recuperate from a right toe injury suffered
almost two weeks ago. National Football League (NFL) running back
LaDainian Tomlinson, star of the San Diego Chargers, also limped from
his team's opening game with a foot injury recently - which he quickly
brushed off as 'turf toe.' But how many athletes in fall sports, like
football, take these types of injuries too lightly?

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), both professional and amateur athletes
are at an extremely high risk for injuring their lower limbs during
play. Whether performing hairpin turns on artificial turf or taking
part in a powerful, high-speed collision with other players, foot and
ankle injury risks for athletes run rampant - and participating in a
favorite sport should always involve playing it safe.

"Stress fractures of the foot, ankle sprains and ligament injuries
are all, unfortunately, quite common in popular fall sports such as
football," said Dr. David Davidson, APMA member and podiatric medical
consultant for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. "From maintaining proper
conditioning to wearing sport-specific footwear, athletes can function
at peak performance much more often when constantly maintaining high
levels of footcare safety."

The most common acute injuries in fall sports
as well as treatments and preventative tips recommended by the APMA:

• Sprains - Hard sprinting often leads to stretched or torn ligaments,
also known as sprains. Severe sprains may also cause ankle swelling,
much like a fracture.

Treatment - Sprains that don't show improvement in three days should be
seen by a podiatric physician immediately. Possible casting,
immobilization and a rehabilitation regimen may all be prescribed.

Tips to Avoid Them - Take part in proper warm-up exercises before and
after home workouts, practice and games. Spend five to 10 minutes
stretching, holding and relaxing muscles.

• Fractures - Fractures occur when a bone has been broken.

Treatment - Casting, and sometimes even surgery performed by a
podiatric surgeon, is required to properly immobilize fractures and set
breaks. Ten to 12 weeks are usually required for rehabilitation.

Tips to Avoid Them - Look for sport-specific footwear that contains
extra padding in cleated shoes, which helps to prevent stress fractures
- incomplete fractures in bones are typically caused by overuse.

• Turf Toe - Named for the playing field on which it is common, turf
toe is a painful hyperextension of the big toe joint. While competing
on artificial turf is the leading cause of this condition, it can also
occur on natural surfaces such as grass.

Treatment - Turf toe treatment usually includes the 'RICE' regimen, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Tips to Avoid It - Wearing a stiffer shoe can prevent aggravating this
injury further. Customized foot orthotics may also be worn during play
to protect against turf toe.

Angelina Jolie Could Have Avoided Postpartum Depression

(Health & Fitness), Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins in July. Before long, news that she was struggling with symptoms similar to postpartum depression was being reported. This is not surprising, given that 80% of women suffer from mood instability after giving birth. Experts believe that the emotional turmoil women experience in the early postpartum period is due in large part to the massive hormonal fluctuation that happens those first few days postpartum.

The placenta is incredibly beneficial for this transition period. Far from being a useless waste product at birth, it contains everything the mother's body needs to recover from the pregnancy and birth, in the exact levels that she needs. Since it was made by her body, it is perfectly suited to her unique system. The placenta can be dried, ground, and put into capsules. This makes it much easier to ingest, and most women (and their husbands) call the capsules their "happy pills". is the leading resource website for placenta encapsulation research and testimonials. Since its launch in 2006, it has been educating women about the benefits of placenta for postpartum recovery. As a result, placenta encapsulation is quickly becoming the hottest trend in pregnancy and birth. Women all over the nation are discovering the fabulous relief they experience from their placenta capsules.

Candace raves, "I had suffered with postpartum depression after the birth of my first son and was willing to try drying, grinding and ingesting the placenta the second time around. The result? A trouble- free, totally healthy and energetic postpartum. I would highly recommend it!!".

Kristi says, "I forgot one day of pills, and felt fine, so I decided to (try going without them). That was a mistake! I was miserable, yelled at my older kids, couldn't stand to hear the baby cry, and just sat all day. So, I'm taking them again now and they're working again. Night and day difference! I realized I hadn't enjoyed looking at my baby's soft little chubby face for two days! I just don't want to run out. My husband told me to please keep taking them!" (PBi), offers resources for women to help them use the placenta for their postpartum recovery. It features a directory of nationwide Placenta Encapsulation Specialists who are trained and certified in the timeless art of placenta encapsulation through PBi's unique training and certification course. These dedicated professionals will prepare the placenta for the new mother. PBi also offers the DIY Placenta Encapsulation Kit for those women who would like to prepare the placenta themselves. is bringing placenta encapsulation to modern women. Taking placenta capsules is an easy way to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Angelina Jolie, letalone 80% of all mothers, should not have to suffer from the baby blues. Women just want to feel normal, like themselves, after giving birth. helps women have a better postpartum recovery.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

National Survey Reveals Impact of ADHD in Adults

(Health & Fitness), Adults diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) say that having ADHD significantly impacts their ability to focus at work, as well as their responsibilities at home and their relationships. These findings were according to a national survey including more than 1,000 adults across the United States diagnosed with the condition.

McNeil Pediatrics™, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals,Inc, sponsored the survey as part of its commitment to the ADHD community's 2008 National ADHD Awareness Day.

ADHD is thought to affect about 9 million adults in the United States, and research on the life span of the condition notes the disorder can impair academic, social and occupational functioning, and is often associated with academic underachievement, conduct problems, underemployment, motor vehicle safety and difficulties with personal relationships.

"Findings from today's survey underscore the impact ADHD can have for adults who are struggling to cope with and manage this condition at work, at home and in their relationships," said Dr. Edward Hallowell, a practicing psychiatrist and founder of the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury, Mass. "As a psychiatrist who has treated adults with the condition for more than 25 years, and as an adult who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 31, I know firsthand the importance of working with a healthcare professional to identify strategies that may be effective in controlling ADHD symptoms, such as behavioral modifications and medication."

The survey findings on adults with ADHD reinforce previous findings from a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, which concluded ADHD is a relatively common condition among working adults and is associated with impairment and work performance. The WHO survey also found that only a small number of employed adults with ADHD are being treated for the condition, even though evidence shows medication can be effective in improving ADHD symptoms, and that on average, adult workers with ADHD miss more than three weeks a year in workplace productivity.

Adult ADHD Survey Findings

Conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of McNeil Pediatrics™, key
survey findings included a variety of participant perspectives,

•    Most adults with ADHD agree that having the condition strongly
affects their performance in multiple areas of their lives, including:

o    Their responsibilities at home (65 percent)

o    Their relationships with family and friends (57 percent)

o    Their ability to succeed at work (56 percent of those employed)

•    Up to half (50 percent) of those employed worry ADHD symptoms
affect opportunities for promotion, and the majority feel they have to
work harder (65 percent) and/or longer (47 percent) than their
co-workers to accomplish similar work.

•    Three-quarters of respondents said their ADHD symptoms strongly
affect their ability to stay on task at work (75 percent), while others
listed challenges such as:

o    Concentrating on what others were saying (70 percent)

o    Wrapping up projects (61 percent)

o    Following through on tasks (61 percent)

o    Sitting still in meetings (60 percent)

o    Organizing projects (59 percent)

•    Just as their needs differ, adults with ADHD report divergent
goals in managing ADHD symptoms. In selecting their top three goals for
managing the condition, half cited being able to finish projects and
tasks (51 percent), and getting their household more organized (51
percent). Other top-three goals included:

o    Feeling less irritable and upset (38 percent)

o    Getting personal finances more organized (28 percent)

o    Improving personal relationships (26 percent)

o    Feeling calmer and to feel less need to always be moving (22 percent)

o    Getting along better with others in social situations (20 percent)

•    One-third (36 percent) feel their ADHD symptoms are not under
control, and many more (58 percent) are not satisfied with their
ability to handle stress.

o    Of those whom symptoms are not under control, 54 percent feel like a failure for it.

•    One-third (37 percent) get depressed thinking about how hard ADHD is to deal with.

Adults with ADHD who participated in the survey also reported utilizing
a variety of techniques to help manage their symptoms. Four out of five
have used visual reminders, such as post-it notes, to help manage their
ADHD symptoms. Those in the survey also reported:

•    Taking prescription medication (82 percent)

•    Listening to music (75 percent)

•    Using a planner or organizer (71 percent)

•    Exercising (69 percent)

Of those adults on medication, four out of five (81 percent) reported
that not taking medication negatively impacts their work or home
performance. Patients on medication said they are focused primarily on
goals of symptom control and improving performance at work (74
percent), at home (69 percent) and in relationships (62 percent).

"I was diagnosed two years ago after I realized that some of the stress
I felt from trying to keep up with my career, home and family might be
more than stress," said Natalie Knochenhauer, a former public defender,
non-profit executive and founder of the Metro Philadelphia Chapter of
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(CHADD), and advocacy chair of Pennsylvania CHADD. "After my diagnosis,
I felt like I had extra hours in every day to accomplish what I needed
to get done. Because of the clear benefits I have experienced, I work
closely with my doctor to manage my condition, which enables me to
perform better in all aspects of my life."

About Dr. Edward Hallowell

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell is a practicing psychiatrist and founder of
the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury,
Mass. A former instructor at Harvard Medical School, he is the author
of 10 books, including the bestsellers on ADHD: "Driven to
Distraction," "Delivered from Distraction" and, most recently,
"CrazyBusy." Dr. Hallowell has ADHD himself. He is a paid consultant
for McNeil Pediatrics™.

About Natalie Knochenhauer

Natalie Knochenhauer is the founder of the Metro Philadelphia Chapter
of Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
(CHADD), and is advocacy chair of Pennsylvania CHADD. With four
children who also have ADHD, Natalie realizes that adults with ADHD
have issues at work with deadlines and procrastination and that like
children with ADHD, adults need to have systems and accommodations in
place to succeed. She is a paid consultant for McNeil Pediatrics™.

About the Survey

On behalf of McNeil Pediatrics™, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen
Pharmaceuticals, Inc, data for this survey were collected by the Harris
Interactive Service Bureau (HISB) on behalf of Richard Day Research
(RDR). HISB was responsible for the data collected and RDR was
responsible for all survey design, data analysis and data reporting.
Data were collected online between July 28 and August 8. The sample
included 1,007 U.S. adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

About McNeil Pediatrics™

McNeil Pediatrics™, Division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals,
Inc, is committed to meeting the needs of pediatric medicine through
the development of therapies specifically formulated for children.
McNeil Pediatrics™ markets CONCERTA® for the treatment of children,
adolescents and adults with ADHD in the United States. McNeil
Pediatrics™ continues to explore other new therapies to meet the needs
of children and the pediatric community. McNeil Pediatrics™ markets the
most recently approved treatment for adults with ADHD, CONCERTA®
(methylphenidate HCl). Visit for more information.


CONCERTA® is approved for the treatment of Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as part of a total treatment program that
may include counseling or other therapies.


Talk to your healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and
treatment of ADHD. Only a healthcare professional can decide whether
medication is right for you or your child.

CONCERTA® should not be taken by patients who have: allergies to
methylphenidate or other ingredients in CONCERTA®; significant anxiety,
tension, or agitation; glaucoma; tics, Tourette's syndrome, or family
history of Tourette's syndrome; current or past use of monoamine
oxidase inhibitor (MAOI); esophagus, stomach, or intestinal narrowing.
Children under six years of age should not take CONCERTA®.

Abuse of methylphenidate may lead to dependence. Tell your healthcare
professional if you or your child has had problems with alcohol or
drugs; has had any heart problems, heart defects, high blood pressure,
or a family history of these problems; has had depression, abnormal
thoughts or visions, bipolar disorder, or seizure. Contact your
healthcare professional immediately if you or your child: develops
abnormal thinking or hallucinations, abnormal or extreme moods and/or
excessive activity; or if aggressive behavior or hostility develops or
worsens while taking CONCERTA®.

Stimulants may impair the ability of the patient to operate potentially
hazardous machinery or vehicles. Caution should be used accordingly
until you are reasonably certain that CONCERTA® does not adversely
affect your ability to engage in such activities.

The most common adverse reaction (more than 5%) reported in children
and adolescents was upper abdominal pain. The most common adverse
reactions (more than 10%) reported in adults were dry mouth, nausea,
decreased appetite, headache, and insomnia.

See Full Prescribing Information 

Friday, September 12, 2008

Can You Really Burn Fat with Tea?

(Diet & Weight Loss), With all the hype about diet tea and weight loss going around lately, the team did some investigating.

Claims from the companies who make tea range anywhere from increased energy, weight loss, cancer prevention, anti-aging, stopping certain neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, fat burning properties and more.

Joy Bauer, a New York City nutritionist, says (the catechins in green tea) increase levels of the metabolism speeding brain chemical norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

Conducting a little experiment, with three women, ranging in height and weight, each drink a different weight loss tea for 30 days. They each drank 2 cups of tea a day and continued with their normal eating and exercise habits. They were weighed in before starting the tea and after 30 days of drinking the tea.


While none of these women reported any miracle disease cures one reported that she felt increased brain activity at work, which she assumed was from drinking the tea. Additionally each one reported some weight loss, which is very positive. Overall, it's safe to conclude that drinking enhanced green tea products to assist your weight loss is a worthy pursuit in your well rounded fitness program.

It also helps, of course, if you lay off the snacks.

Can you really burn fat with tea? Find Out More at Consumer Underground.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Get Sexy Milwaukee Boot Camps Fitness Transformation a Success

(Health & Fitness), Six months ago, Milwaukee-based Get Sexy Boot Camps surprised viewers of a local morning TV show called "The Morning Blend" with an opportunity to lose fat and regain control of their health. After an intense application process and audience poll, six viewers were chosen to partake in an exercise and nutrition program for four phases of their boot camps.

The transformation ended August 1st, with remarkable results. The only male in the group and one-half of a husband and wife duo, Paul Lundh, lost a total of 80 pounds. By the end of the contest he no longer had the need for a CPAP machine or blood pressure medication. His wife, Lisa, did her part by losing 40 lbs and dropping four dress sizes.

Each contestant was over 40 years old. This population has a particularly difficult time losing excess body fat due to a slowed metabolism and hormonal changes. BJ Gaddour, head trainer at Get Sexy Boot Camps, welcomed the challenge: "I constantly encounter women over 40 who have just given up on trying to lose fat. There is so much misinformation out there combined with the fact that physically, mentally, and emotionally, many women are simply not in the optimal state to lose weight when they start. However, it is definitely possible to lose weight when you are a female over 40, you just need the right tools."

The "right tools" are a completely integrated training and nutrition system according to Gaddour. He claims "Our classic rapid fat loss training program consists of performing body weight-based resistance training workouts three days per week at our Get Sexy Milwaukee Boot Camps combined with high-intensity interval training cardio workouts performed at home three days per week on non-boot camp days.

Plus over 80% of the fat loss game is nutrition-related and we provide our tried and proven Eternal Eating Nutrition System complete with quick-start guides and cookbooks for males and women so they can eat to support their fat loss goals." Although there are six total workouts a week, they are only twenty minutes each, or as Gaddour calls them: "EXPRESS Workouts baby!"

Get Sexy Boot Camps claims these 20-minute interval training sessions burn nine times more fat than the traditional failed weight loss approach of low to moderate intensity endurance training workouts lasting 45-60 minutes or longer. Gaddour continues saying: "Intensity is truly the only thing that make the human body change. That's why we can get our clients more than twice the results in less than half the time."

El Sangalang, a new mother, was struggling to get rid of her post pregnancy weight gain when she entered and subsequently won a spot in the Get Sexy Milwaukee Transformation Contest. Using the Get Sexy Boot Camps system, she was able to simultaneously lose 24 pounds of fat and gain six pounds of lean muscle mass. In the end, she emerged in the best shape of her life. "Even before my son, I was 115 lbs, but I was flabby, I didn't even like wearing shorts because I had cellulite. After this transformation, I am back down to my pre-baby weight, but I am much more toned and a whole lot tighter.

Needless to say, my husband is thrilled!" The other three females lost a combined weight of 100 pounds. "This is just what they were able to accomplish in only 20 weeks, just imagine how much more they will continue to lose in the weeks and months to come," says Gaddour.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Studies Show Fantasy Football Improves Morale and Increases Work Productivity

(Health & Fitness), As the NFL football season kicks off in the next two weeks, U.S. businesses may be worrying about their employees playing fantasy football during work hours. But now there is a company providing a solution to the problem., a website that offers free fantasy football software, provides instant on-demand predictions to thousands of fantasy football fans to help them draft a fantasy roster, analyze trade offers and help them set their weekly line-up in a matter of minutes.

Why should employers care? According to a report from research firm Challenger Gray & Christmas Inc., fantasy football will cost U.S. employers $9.2 billion in lost productivity in 2008 alone.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates close to 20 million NFL fans play fantasy football and spend on average five hours a week researching and thinking about which players to start on their fantasy football roster.

Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimate that workers spend at least an hour per week managing their team on company time. Experts say that the habit of seeking out fantasy football advice during work is likely to continue, and it would be unwise for employers to attempt to crack down on their employees for the practice.

"Behavior never changes; people will continue to research their fantasy football picks and if there is a tool out their making it faster, easier and fun to use, let them use it," says Lori Coruccini, president and CEO of Predix, a management consulting firm that specializes in providing behavioral assessments to U.S. companies.

Fantasy football is becoming mainstream and studies have proven employers that provide a little perk like this during business hours to employees will go a very long way at sustaining positive morale."

Well it sounds like you should go have fun!

Register for Fantasy Football at and qualify for a chance to win $100,000!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why Binaural Beats Will help You Sleep More Soundly

(Health & Fitness), Your first question maybe something like “What are binaural beats”? The answer is, Binaural Beats are sounds that are not apparent outside the brain, they are produced by sound frequencies alternating from ear to ear.

Binaural beats are used to induce a variety of states of consciousness, there has been some work done in regards to the effects of these stimuli on relaxation, focus, attention, and states of consciousness.

Your brain aligns to the differences of these two aural tones by changing its dominant frequency and effectively altering your state of consciousness this is called brainwave entrainment.

Binaural Beats can be used to induce relaxation to the point that you fall asleep without knowing your asleep. These beats will also block out unwanted noise such as someone snoring or traffic sounds that come from a street. I have used binaural beats for about three months and I have noticed a significant increase in relaxation levels and soundness of sleep.

One place to get free binaural beats is at Idose. You will need an Ipod and some time to relax.

Please let us know your thoughts by leaving comments about these two questions.

Have you used Binaural beats? How have these beats helped you?

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Technogym® Wins the Beijing Olympics

(Fitness Gear), All Olympics athletes coming from 205 countries have been training on Technogym fitness equipment during the last four weeks in Beijing.

After Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Turin 2006 Technogym was the Official Supplier for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: the fourth consecutive Olympics for Technogym that established itself as a reference company in the sports world. Over 12,000 Olympic athletes from 250 countries, more than the UN countries, competing in 28 sports category, have been training with Technogym during the last four weeks in Beijing.

Technogym has been chosen ahead of other US and local Chinese competitors for "the quality of its vast and complete range of products and services, as well as for the experience it has accumulated in the previous Olympic Games" stated Mr. Liu Jun, Deputy Director of Marketing Department at BOCOG (Beijing 2008 Olympics Organizing Committee).

Many international athletes and coaches already training with Technogym in their home countries where very happy to have the opportunity, for the fourth time at the Olympics, to use Wellness System and to be able to keep track of their training data on the TGS key.

At peak hours in the most busy daisy the Technogym facility at the Olympic Village had up to 400 athletes at the same time with a daily attendance of over 5.000 people all managed by a team of 60 Technogym trainers coming from the 5 continents in order to be able to support the athletes with different languages and cultural approaches.

Raffael Nadal, n.1 of the ATP ranking and gold medal in Beijing was one of the frequent gym goers along with the other top tennis players like Jelena Jancovic and Ana Ivanovic from Serbia. All the best volleyball, basketball, handball, baseball, hockey and water polo teams had regular training sessions in the gym at the Olympic Village.

Alongside with the main fitness centre at the Olympic Village Technogym equipped 17 Centres in the main competition venues allowing athletes warm up before the event: at the Olympic Stadium Technogym developed a solution specifically designed on the field and track needs with some cardiovascular, some lower limbs strength equipment and FLEXability, at Water Cube Swimming Centre the most popular equipment was Excite Top, to warm up swimmers upper limbs before the race, tennis player at the National Tennis Stadium have been using a combination of cardiovascular and Kinesis.

For the first time at the Olympics, in Beijing also journalists had the possibility to move their body regularly and share the Olympic spirit at Main Press Centre, where their editorial offices and work stations were based and at the Media Village where their accommodations was.

Finally, Technogym is also behind the big success obtained by the Chinese team on the medal score; the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) itself has chosen Technogym as Official Supplier for the preparation of its national teams. Starting from 2006 Technogym has followed the preparation of the Chinese contingent equipping around twenty fitness preparation centres dedicated to the various Chinese sport federations involved in the great Olympic contest.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How To Lose Weight From Your Labor Day Weekend Binge

(Diet & Weight Loss), Weight loss has just gotten much simpler with this new fat loss system. Obese and over weight people now have this surprising new method to lose weight and create a natural balance from the inside-out.

With the Labor Day weekend coming to an end, putting on a few pounds is a dreadful reality that many people will face. Removing that extra weight can be a daunting task, unless one is lucky enough to follow the simple steps outlined in the 'Ultimate Diet Handbook'. This wildly popular fat loss system offers people searching to lose weight a holistic approach to safe natural fat loss. 'The Ultimate Diet Handbook' is a downloadable e-book that shows anyone how to melt away the extra pounds through its simplistic process.

Dr. Banerjee explains that the problem with most overweight people is that they are eating the wrong foods in the wrong sequence. By eating this way their metabolism begins to slow down. If they keep this pattern up for too long they risk permanently damaging their health. That's where 'The Ultimate Diet Handbook' steps in.

This new way of eating is truly amazing because dieters notice fat loss within just 7 days of starting. By eating the right foods at different intervals each day, dieters are able to boost their metabolism for permanent weight loss. Not only will they lose weight, they will finally be able to handle chronic health conditions such as diabetes, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other health complaints.

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Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

Go check out Google's New Web Browser. It was launched today!

Google Chrome Download

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