Thursday, September 4, 2008

Studies Show Fantasy Football Improves Morale and Increases Work Productivity

(Health & Fitness), As the NFL football season kicks off in the next two weeks, U.S. businesses may be worrying about their employees playing fantasy football during work hours. But now there is a company providing a solution to the problem., a website that offers free fantasy football software, provides instant on-demand predictions to thousands of fantasy football fans to help them draft a fantasy roster, analyze trade offers and help them set their weekly line-up in a matter of minutes.

Why should employers care? According to a report from research firm Challenger Gray & Christmas Inc., fantasy football will cost U.S. employers $9.2 billion in lost productivity in 2008 alone.

The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates close to 20 million NFL fans play fantasy football and spend on average five hours a week researching and thinking about which players to start on their fantasy football roster.

Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimate that workers spend at least an hour per week managing their team on company time. Experts say that the habit of seeking out fantasy football advice during work is likely to continue, and it would be unwise for employers to attempt to crack down on their employees for the practice.

"Behavior never changes; people will continue to research their fantasy football picks and if there is a tool out their making it faster, easier and fun to use, let them use it," says Lori Coruccini, president and CEO of Predix, a management consulting firm that specializes in providing behavioral assessments to U.S. companies.

Fantasy football is becoming mainstream and studies have proven employers that provide a little perk like this during business hours to employees will go a very long way at sustaining positive morale."

Well it sounds like you should go have fun!

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