Sunday, April 27, 2008

Odds Against Making Significant Life Changes 9 to 1 Against You

(Health & Fitness), Based on the principles of Cognitive Neuroscience, Mind Imaging Technology ( provides the tool that allows users to map the building blocks of their mind: thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It gives users the ability to see what is controlling their lives and the power to change it.

Based on the integration of 30 different fields of science, including Neuroscience, Physics, and Systems science, Mind Imaging offers reliable, measurable, lasting painless techniques that are 100% effective in people committed to the process.

The effectiveness of the changes can be measured with a stop watch as the barriers to time, space, language, force, and access are approached through the conscious mind, and reliable, measurable and lasting changes are achieved.

Users can quickly gain freedom from prescription drugs, depression, overeating, and addictions. People worldwide report dramatic changes in health, money, and relationships.

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