Thursday, April 10, 2008

Online Nutrition Service Features Diet and Weight Loss Tips That Work

(Weight Loss)/Leading workout website offers Online Nutrition Programs with real diet and weight loss results ('s meal plans are customized for each user based on fitness plan and personal goals.

"Our entrée based Online Nutrition Program includes a very health focused meal plan for each user based on their personal fitness schedule, diet plans ( and weight loss goals," explains Michael Greeves, CEO of HyperStrike.

The HyperStrike Online Nutrition Program starts with a nutritional assessment to determine the recommended daily caloric intake for each member. This number is based on each individual profile and daily fitness plan as well as weight loss ( and diet goals.

Next, a custom meal plan is created based on each member's nutritional assessment results. Members are able to:

* Choose the number of meals eaten each day

* Add dietary restrictions and food preferences or dislikes

* Access a database of thousands of ingredients for hundreds of thousands of meal combinations

* Include favorite foods by entering custom nutritional information

Finally the Online Nutrition Program provides weight tracking resources to calculate members' goal weights and to track weight loss or weight gain throughout the program.

"We also offer specialized meal plans for dietary needs such as diets for hypertension, high fiber, pregnancy, endurance athlete, strength athlete, vegan, ovo-lacto vegan, heart healthy, gluten free and more," says Greeves. "Our Nutrition Program is great for anyone who is looking to start a healthy diet, boost their current diet plan or create a meal plan based off their fitness routine."

HyperStrike's offers the perfect combination of fitness plans with an Online Nutrition Program to keep members eating healthy and moving towards weight loss goals.

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