Thursday, April 10, 2008

Men's Health Expert Reveals How to Lose Lower Belly Fat and Flatten Lower Abs

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Men's Health expert fitness trainer Craig Ballantyne believes that men and women can lose their belly fat and get flat lower abs with fast fat loss workouts. He even believes you can "spot reduce" and lose your tummy fat with a specific type of exercise -- and no, it's not ab crunches. Plus, he knows specific abdominal exercises that can flatten your lower abs.

"The classic ab crunch is generally a waste of time because the ab crunch doesn't work the entire main ab muscle (rectus abdominis). There are other better, unique ab exercises that men and women can do to flatten their lower abs," Ballantyne advises.

"And if you want to lose belly fat, forget about doing long, slow boring cardio for fat loss," Ballantyne insists. "You'll get more results in less time in your fat burning workouts by using interval training for fat loss. This was proven by a research study from Australia, who found that only interval training helped women lose belly fat, while doing cardio for twice as long did not!"

Some of Ballantyne's favorite abdominal exercises can be done with just your bodyweight or need only a common exercise ball. Here's a list of just a few of his favorite total body ab exercises that will help you get a flat stomach (provided you combine these exercises with interval training for fat loss):

* Exercise Ball Ab Rollouts
* Exercise Ball Ab Jackknives
* Hanging Leg Raises
* Side Planks
* and Plank with Your Arms on the Ball

Plus, if you have access to a commercial gym, his favorite resistance exercises for your abs -- to help you build a set of 6-pack abs -- include:

* Cable Chops
* Kneeling Cable Ab Crunches
* Standing Cable Ab Crunches

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and fat loss expert who writes for Men's Health and Oxygen magazines. To learn more about strength training for fat loss and the pitfalls of cardio, get your Free Report: The Dark Side of Cardio at

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