Thursday, April 24, 2008

12 Minute Makeover Saves Time and Works to Prevent Stroke

(Diet & Weight Loss), Maximized Living has launched the 12 Minute Makeover, a program that promises better overall health and maximum fitness at a commitment level of only 12 minutes per week! New research shows that being moderately fit can reduce the risk of stroke altogether in both men and women and although the majority of people can obtain a moderate level of fitness by committing to 30 minute power walks, 5 days per week, most don't have that amount of time to spare. The 12 Minute Makeover allows the body to reach beyond moderate, elevating you to your peak fitness level in only 12 minutes per week - in the comfort of your home!

Designed by Dr. Ben Lerner, The Maximized Living 12 Minute Makeover is more effective than long-duration exercises, such as an hour a day on a treadmill, due to the maximum effort in minimal time. Not only can the 12 Minute Makeover program greatly reduce your risk of stroke, but it can also eliminate toxins, melt away fat and even work to prevent - and control - diabetes.

Dr. Lerner says, "The 12 Minute Makeover workout has a positive effect on your hormone levels by allowing your body to work itself into a state of continued muscle-building and fat-burning that lasts even after the twelve minutes are over. Exercise also helps to keep the central nervous system, which acts as headquarters for your body, functional and in proper working order."

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