Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Popular Kids Exercise Video Motivating Kids To Fitness With Fun Dance Exercise Moves

(Health & Fitness), Children from all around the country are working out to new 'DanceX for Kids', a fun dance exercise video for Kids with fun workout moves.

During a rainy day in Carey North Carolina, you will catch the kindergarten students in Mrs. Summer's class doing the 'washing machine' or the 'light bulb', These are a few of the fun and creative dance moves in the children's exercise video 'DanceX for Kids'. "The kids absolutely love the video and it's a great workout when they cannot go outside for recess", says Mrs. Summers.

Kids from Evergreen Elementary, who were Washington State Champions for the Governors Challenge for fitness and mileage, have greatly benefited from the 'DanceX For Kids' workout DVD. Tom Davis, a physical education coordinator, tested grades K - 6th grades and he affirms that the test results are astounding. Davis states that after practicing with the fun dance and fitness moves from the kids DanceX DVD, the students are performing much better and blowing away the test standards.

This children's exercise DVD is the creation of Washington, D.C.-based fitness expert, Kenn Kihiu. His new fitness DVD for kids is fun for of all ages and features some of the best music tracks from around the world (Disco, Latin, 50's, Bhangra, Africa, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical and Soul) and has dance fitness moves kids will enjoy such as the Hand Jive, Cowboy, John Travolta Point, Disco Rolls, Hug Me/Hold Me, Irish Kicks, the Twist and many others.

According to the enthusiastic and motivating Kenn Kihiu, this kid's exercise DVD is about simple but 'slamming' athletic dance moves accompanied by some of the hottest music from around the world! Kenn is well known for his high energy, sense of humor and passion for health and says that his kid's video is such a great exercise routine that kids have so much fun they want to do it over and over! "I have gotten emails from Mothers who tell me that they have organized their kids 'fitness sleepovers' that revolve around working out to the DanceX 4 Kids fitness video", says Kenn.

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