Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1 in 5 Couples Admit to Espionage in the Home

(Dating & Singles), Oxford University has uncovered that at least 1 in 5 people in relationships are involved with reading their partners, text message, emails and 1 in 10 are checking up on their browsing history to check their partner is not cheating.

When experts at datingshoes.com read the report from the Oxford University they had a bigger question.

"Why is there such little trust between partners?"

Relationship coach and founder of datingshoes.com Steve Hedger, reveals that

"Secretly, most couples struggle to trust their partners."

So where does this lack of trust come from? Easy access to others via the internet and texting is one factor but what is really happening?

Every day we are being given a message that the lack of trust is everywhere. In the media, soaps that create affairs as entertainment.

Even in our circle of friends and work colleagues. Affairs and splits are a reality of life today. Therefore, the possibility of our partners finding someone better, slimmer, or more exciting is in the minds of many through these constant reminders. The result is affairs and splits have become more acceptable, until it happens to you.

What we have experienced through years of relationship coaching, is when two people decide to get together most do not understand why they have chosen that person to be with. They choose partners that make them feel good at that moment in time. Then over time find that their choice of partner does not fulfil their long-term needs. They start to feel bad and then look for ways to feel good. Many times that choice could be an affair or a split. The cost is huge.

"The reality is, people cannot trust themselves to pick the right person."

Datingshoes relationship experts have found the individuals who understood how their values worked, experienced a massive difference in their choices and actions. As a result, they experienced happier lives.

"If you do not understand values, then prepare yourself for pain."

"Many people do not understand values or even understand what a value is" say's Steve. "DatingShoes mission is to change this at a grass roots level. Where relationships start at the dating stage, where people are making decisions to be with others. They will understand how important there values are and what impact not understanding them will have on their lives." say's Steve.

For more information on choosing a life partner, and what critical values you need to have for you to be happy, go to www.datingshoes.com today.

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