Friday, April 18, 2008

Bounderball Revolutionizes Exercise and Core Conditioning

(Fitness Gear) Bounderball, a patented form of dynamic exercise equipment, proudly announces its debut as a safe, proven and professionally certified means of enhancing core strength, agility and other training regimens for fitness enthusiasts of all interests, from beginners to acclaimed athletes. This three-handle harness system, made with complex nylon webbing and thick neoprene covers, transforms a standard exercise ball into an incredibly versatile conditioning tool.

The product, available for purchase online at, is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Roberts, a personal healthcare expert and wellness consultant. Video demonstrations of Bounderball are also available at

"Bounderball reflects my lifelong commitment to intelligent medicine and sound fitness, a philosophy that empowers individuals to incorporate these principles into a wide variety of physical activities.

This revolutionary form of training - the harness straps work intuitively, like a belt - makes a stability ball a conditioning powerhouse for people of all ages. These benefits apply to daily living, enabling users to improve their 'fast twitch' (or torso rotation speed) in sports as diverse as golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, and track and field," states Dr. Steven Roberts, CEO and Founder of Bounderball. "Bounderball also economizes precious floor space: hook it, hang it, transport it, store it - and grab it when you want. The age of cumbersome, expensive exercise equipment is over."

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