Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tone Muscles and Burn Fat Using Resistance and Fitness Bands

(Fitness Gear), Health and fitness professionals do not just use dumbbells but are making use of an inexpensive and portable resistance bands, exercise bands or fitness bands to tone their muscles and lose body fat. The core muscles are involved in the workout with the use of the resistance bands. You can take the bands with you anywhere and exercise at your convenience.

Resistance bands are color-coded based on the levels of resistance. Each resistance band manufacturer may have a different color scheme or resistance level and color scheme. The most common colors of the resistance bands are:

  • Yellow (thin)
  • Red (medium)
  • Green (heavy)
  • Blue (extra heavy)
  • Black (special heavy),

The resistance bands length usually 4 feet in length will change the resistance, not just the color. The shorter the length of the band is, the more resistance you will feel when exercising.

Other bands like the figure 8 resistance band is used to tone your upper body muscles and burn fat. The Ankle cuff resistance bands attach to your ankles and you perform leg exercise to tone the leg muscles and burn fat. You can achieve an over all body workout with a few simple bands.

Before every start of any kind of exercises, warm up your muscles and joints before performing any exercises with resistance bands. This will prevent the body from incurring injuries. Five to 10 minutes of light aerobic exercises followed by 5-10 minutes of gentle exercises to cool down should be done first.

Anyone can use resistance bands the same way they do with their dumbbells. Throughout the exercise, one should be holding the band firmly, wrap around the hands or use the bands with handles.

For the resistance band exercises, 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions or to 25 for the easier colored bands, should be completed. Some of the resistance band exercises are the squats, bent over rows, alternate lying chest presses, diagonal wood chops, triceps extension, lunges, lateral rows, and biceps curls. Rest for 1 or 2 minutes after every set of exercises completed. When pulling the band against the resistance, the muscle work hard to stretch and that is how the muscle is toned.

See Total Body Resistance Band Workout for tips and techniques.

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