Monday, June 16, 2008

Exercise Lose Weight Burn Calories While Mowing Your Lawn

(Diet and Weight Loss), (ARA) - Did you know that it's possible to burn up to 260 calories per hour mowing a lawn with a power mower and up to 480 calories per hour gardening with other power tools? Every day chores like these are opportunities to get in better shape, tone the body and mind as well as reduce stress.

Fifty percent of people who join a gym drop out within the first three months, but there is research supporting the Biophilia Effect: that the great outdoors acts as a motivator to be physically active.

Tina Vindum, a professional trainer who leads the only accredited outdoor fitness program in the country, has teamed with power equipment manufacturer Husqvarna to offer the following tips for a great backyard workout:

* Get a leg up on yard work.
Walk-behind mowers are great for shaping legs and burning calories. A mower with variable speed capability increases the effectiveness of the workout over time. Mowing a yard that is one-third of an acre is equivalent to walking about two miles.

* Skip the slump!
It's a natural fact that posture affects mood as well as performance. Slumping causes the body to "check out" both mentally and physically, remember to keep the back straight, shoulders square and chin up.

* Inhale down, exhale up.
Remember to breathe correctly. For example, inhale as you squat down or lunge forward, and exhale as you stand up, lift or push.

* Need to revive? Get some green.
Nature holds a special captivation for all of us. Being outdoors in fresh air has a soothing, restorative and healing effect. It's called Biophilia, and refers to the innate affinity human beings have to nature and the natural world.

* Team up with the right equipment.
Avoid repetitive stress injuries by selecting the right equipment. Invest in quality and ergonomically correct equipment -- from shoes and gloves to mowers and trimmers. Husqvarna offers a wide range of ergonomically designed tools, from the 125B Handheld Blower to the 125L Trimmer; all of their equipment is designed to work properly with your body. Test the equipment to make sure it feels good in your hands, on your wrists and body. Let fatigue be your guide -- when in doubt, stop.

When using any outdoor power equipment, remember to think safety first. Read and understand the operator's manual and be sure to wear the appropriate protective apparel.

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