Monday, June 2, 2008

A Medicine Ball Will Help you Lose Weight and Increase Your Stamina

(Health and Fitness), Medicine balls have a long history in fitness and can be one of your best tools for weight loss and muscle building. The medicine ball was first conceptualized around 3,000 years ago by the Persians. They simply filled animal skins with sand in the shape of a round ball.

Medicine balls are a favorite among boxers to strengthen their abdominal muscles during their work outs, ultimately increasing their strength and rock hard abs.

One the the best known medicine ball types are the dual grip medicine balls. The dual grip allows you to perform squats, pushups, swings, rotations, while increasing stamina, joint integrity and range of motion.

The dual grip medicine ball is basically, a round medicine ball, with two handles molded on the ball when the rubber is formed to create the ball. Each dual grip medicine ball is weighted just like the traditional round medicine ball.

Sizes include:
  • 6 LBS
  • 8 LBS
  • 10 LBS
  • 12 LBS

The weight of the medicine ball you'll choose will greatly depend on where your stamina level is, if you have relatively low stamina you may want the 6 lbs medicine ball and if you have advanced stamina and endurance you may want a 12 pound medicine ball. But that’s up to you and what you can handle during a 30 minuet work out.

When you are purchasing a medicine ball for your fitness tool box make a list of your goals and try to determine what type of medicine ball will work best for your specific goals. Dual grip medicine balls are more versatile and will allow you to take advantage of a full range of exercises.

Personally I use a 6 lbs medicine ball and have used that same weight for the last couple of years because I can do more aerobic type exercises with the ball.

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