Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Perfect Pushup Isn’t For Wussies

(Fitness Gear), Think back to when you where in gym class and your PT coach made you do all those pushups. Do you remember how they made your arms feel? I remember and I remember how it made my arms, chest, upper back and shoulders feel, as tight as a drum. While researching information on the perfect pushup we found a blog post at crunchgear.com and I quote “Who’s to say the guy pictured here isn’t on Anavar or Sustanon 250, in addition to using the perfect push-up?”

My question to the aforementioned blog post is have you done any pushups in your life? The perfect pushup is one of the best exercise tools to come around in a long time.

perfect pushup

The reason the perfect pushup is such a great tool is you are bench-pressing your own weight, thereby increasing strength, building muscle, stamina and it doesn’t cost you an arm or leg to purchase. The basic kit only costs $40.00 that’s a steal compared to other fitness products on the market and half of the other so called fitness products are nothing but hype.

Why else would the military incorporate pushups in their physical training regiment? The answer is because it’s one of the best ways to build strength and endurance without using free weights and pushups don't cost you a dime. Any physical training regiment worth their salt will include pushups.

Take five minutes and do as many pushups as you possibly can in the five-minute time span. Does it feel good?

Now if you do the same number of pushups with the perfect pushup you will work more muscles because of the rotation of the device.

We have purchased the perfect pushup for a review and trial run; we will let you know how we progress with this new fitness tool.

In the mean time give us your thoughts on the perfect pushup and tell us what you think about the product and how it helped you.

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