Sunday, June 1, 2008

Achilles Tendinitis Report From Sports Injury Bulletin Can Help Athletes Stay Injury-Free

(Health and Fitness), Sports Injury Bulletin, the leading online source of sports injury advice, has announced the launch of a free report on Achilles tendinitis (

The report, which has been put together by leading sports injury specialists, offers a detailed explanation of Achilles tendinitis, ensuring coaches, athletes and sports scientists fully understand the injury.

The free report provides information on how Achilles tendinitis occurs and what athletes can do to avoid the condition. It also offers detailed advice on treating Achilles tendinitis and recovering from the injury.

Recent research is also included, citing a study carried out at the University Hospital of Northern Sweden which tested 30 athletes to measure the success rate of the Achilles tendinitis treatments currently available.

Achilles tendinitis is a common injury problem, causing disruption to the training routines of many athletes. Unfortunately, the condition is easily ignored until it becomes serious. The free report explains the warning signs athletes should look out for in order to avoid longer layoffs.

The detailed exercises contained in the report are broken down into two stages -- the Prevention Programme and the Strengthening Programme -- helping athletes to get the most out of their training routines.

Jonathan Pye, Publisher for Sports Injury Bulletin, commented: "The purpose of this special report is to explain what the Achilles tendon actually does, describe how it works and how it can be injured, and prescribe exercises and treatments that can prevent it being hurt and quickly bring it back to normal."

The free report on Achilles tendinitis is only available for download at the Sports Injury Bulletin website. Visit

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