Thursday, June 12, 2008

Smooth Fitness Launches New Gym-Quality 9 Series Treadmills

(Fitness Gear), Smooth Fitness, the largest online retailer of home fitness equipment today announced the launch of its newly updated 9 Series treadmills, which come with a wide variety of features including premium components. The new Hydra Suspension™ adjusts to fit different users, and patented Motion Control™ allows them to adjust the unit's speed with a simple wave of the hand.

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"With our new 9 Series treadmills, we're truly able to provide consumers with unique features not typically found in home fitness equipment," said Marc Cerceo, Chief Operating Officer, Smooth Fitness. "The updated components and performance enhancements on the 9 Series makes them our flagship treadmills and furthers our status as a trendsetter in the industry."

Numerous features and attentions to detail make the 9 Series treadmills Smooth Fitness' top-of-the-line treadmills. All three models - 9.35 HR, 9.45ST and 9.45TV - feature Hydra Suspension, which allows users to adjust shock absorption to accommodate any running style, as well as patented Motion Control technology that adjusts speed without having to touch the console.

"By combining commercial components with cutting-edge functionality and convenience, we're creating an exceptional experience for our customers," added Cerceo. "Everyone from the casual fitness enthusiast to the serious athlete will be impressed."

Both the 9.45ST and 9.45TV treadmills include a 60" running deck, perfect for runners of all sizes, and an industry-leading lifetime warranty on all parts, frame and motor with one year of in-home service. The 9.45TV treadmill comes with a 15" LCD TV which is mounted on its own frame so that it remains steady even during intense running.


Stephen said...

Very smooth. I think the flat screen TVs and iPod type monitors will become more prevalent on Treadmills and bikes

Digital Buzz said...

Very Smooth indeed. Smooth Fitness is becoming a major player in fitness equipment. Steve Jobs will make it very clear that iPods will integrate with fitness equipment.