Monday, June 16, 2008

A Three-In-One Workout Kettlebell workouts

(Fitness Gear), The kettlebell workout is old-school Russian workout that uses a solid
cast iron weight--similar to a cannonball with a handle. The new DVD,
"Kettlebell Express", will be the third from Lurie, whose previous
two-part DVD series "Kettlebells the Iron Core Way" The series reached best selling status, and hit the #1spot in the Fitness DVD category of in 2007.

The dynamic kettlebell workout is a three-in-one workout (strength,
cardio and flexibility), and has recently re-emerged as a major
movement in fitness, with an array of celebrity fans including Jessica
Biel, Katherine Hiegl, Jennifer Lopez, Ethan Hawk, Matthew McConaughey,
Penelope Cruz, Lance Armstrong, Mariska Hargitay, Claire Danes, Kim
Cattrall and the super-ripped stars of the hit movie "300".

Lurie explains that kettlebell training uses dynamic movements to work
each major muscle group. Each exercise is done precisely, with control,
as your body works to stabilize its core muscles.

"In this day and age, people want time-saving workouts that producenoticeable results in a reduced amount of time," says Lurie. " The Iron

Core Kettlebell Express DVD packs in the fat blasting power of a
three-in-one workout--taking half the time of normal weightlifting,
while burning twice as many calories in a 20-minute session!"

Lurie says this is possible because unlike traditional weights, kettlebells don't isolate muscle groups--instead each part of your body works hard during each exercise, producing more intense results in a shorter time frame.

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Nikki Shlosser, RKC said...

It sounds too good to believe, I know. Schedule one workout with a certified kettlbell trainer, or RKC, and you'll be converted for life. You'll pity all your friends still stuck in the gym!