Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fitness First USA Sponsors Bodybuilding Contest

(Health and Fitness LifeStyles), Fitnessfirstusa.com is proud to announce the sponsorship of an INBF (International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation) sanctioned bodybuilding competition in Iraq on May 24, 2008. The competition is open to all US Military, families and support personnel. FitnessFirstUSA.com is providing prizes for the top 3 winners in each of the three categories (men's, women's & fitness), as well as gift bags for all the contestants containing popular and useful items for bodybuilders and health enthusiasts. The Event is promoted by Tanya and Mike Marshall.

This is not the only event FitnessFirstUSA.com has sponsored. In the last several years they have sponsored many competitions at military bases overseas as well as ones here in the US.

Along with bodybuilding supplements the site also sells nutritional supplements such as vitamins, accessories, books/DVDs, and light exercise equipment. "We try to provide a large selection of products to help maintain a healthy body at prices that are well below what you can find in a retail store," says Mark Taylor, one of the partners.

"We enjoy sponsoring events directed towards our service members overseas. It reminds them that they are supported for all their efforts and for everything they have given up to defend our country", says Taylor.

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