Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Year Diet Special!

Traditionally men haven't bothered with their weight as much as women. But in today's health conscious society men are being encouraged to keep their weight down to avoid heart disease and other weight-related illnesses. More to the point, women just don't find beer bellies attractive.

The trouble is men are notoriously bad at going on diets and sticking to them. They far prefer a quick burst of frenetic activity at the gym followed by a pint or two with their mates than a longer term more structured calorie-counting regime.

However help is at hand for men who want to get their weight under control without too much bother. Kerry Kayes, former body builder and founder of CNP Professional has developed Pro-MR a protein shake meal replacement that helps cuts calories and kicks fat burning into action while also keeping the body fit and healthy.

Kerry is an expert when it comes to helping men get their weight down. In the past he's helped boxer Ricky Hatton shed bucket loads of weight before fights, and this year champion darts player Phil 'The Power' Taylor has lost over four stone after advice from Kerry about using CNP protein shakes and protein bars.

"These products are not only for sportsmen however," says Kerry Kayes. "Any man wanting to lose weight effectively but with the minimum of fuss should try a decent protein-based meal replacement shake – it's an option that really works. You want one that tastes good of course or else you'll just give up. At CNP we spend a lot of time getting the taste just right as well using the best raw material proteins."

Pro-MR is a high protein, low fat meal replacement shake that is ideal at lunchtimes instead of grabbing a high fat, high calorie fast food 'fix'. Taken alongside a sensible breakfast and evening meal, Pro-MR can shift a significant amount of weight. It is filling and helps to the curb food cravings that people usually get when trying to stick to diets. What's more if you also throw in a bit of decent exercise every day, then the weight loss can be even greater.

While a Pro-MR shake contains only 270 calories it provides over half of a man’s typical daily protein requirement. This high protein content helps with fat-burning and the proteins themselves are specially formulated to be easy to digest, filling and satisfying. Probiotic organisms have been included to help maintain and promote a healthier digestive system, and complex carbohydrates and a balanced vitamin and mineral profile ensure a healthy and effective approach to dietary adjustment.

The shakes are easy to mix up – no culinary expertise is needed. Simply tear open the sachet, pour into a shaker with water, then shake and drink. They are convenient for men who are on the move as they are easy to carry around and fill a mid-day gap much better than a pub sandwich and a beer – and much cheaper at about £1.70* per sachet.

There are three delicious flavours of Pro-MR – Wild Strawberry, Chocolate Malt and Vanilla

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