Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Find Healthy Restaurant Food Choices Fast


The average American eats around five meals at restaurants each week. GoodFoodNearYou makes eating healthy restaurant food convenient. GoodFoodNearYou displays localized search results of the healthiest food at the restaurants closest in distance. The GoodFoodNearYou search empowers people to make smart, fast and healthy dining decisions. GoodFoodNearYou also displays the menus for every restaurant listed in the search results and the typical nutritional values for each menu item including fat, calories and carbohydrates.

Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD, a sports nutritionist and nutrition author says, "If you are looking for food help when you are on the go, is a handy tool. Calorie and health conscious eaters can find menu options in local chain restaurants that will support their nutritional diet goals".

GoodFoodNearYou has the food and nutrition information for 33,000 food items at approximately 220,000 U.S. restaurant locations including popular casual dining restaurants, fast food restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores. A search on GoodFoodNearYou results in twenty of the healthiest food options at the restaurant locations closest in distance. To fulfill specific diet requirements, search results can be sorted by lowest fat, calories or carbohydrates.

"GoodFoodNearYou came about because of a need we had in the office when trying to order healthy food for lunch," explains Nick Desai, CEO of Global Fitness Media, the company that developed GoodFoodNearYou. Desai is the Founder, Chairman and former CEO of Juice Wireless and inventor of JuiceCaster, an award winning mobile social networking service offered by AT&T, T-Mobile, Nokia and others.

Desai continues, "Diets often fail because they do not fit into your lifestyle. You end up doing what is convenient, rather than what is healthy. We took the convenience of the web and made healthy restaurant food options accessible. We are excited to launch GoodFoodNearYou as there is a great demand for simple lifestyle solutions and location based help with dieting and weight loss".

Lifestyle and technology trends indicate that local search and web and mobile browsing are used more commonly for seeking out information. GoodFoodNearYou improves public access to useful local restaurant food and nutrition information.

"GoodFoodNearYou is a product that reflects the variety of ways people use technology to find information. Global Fitness Media developed mobile application versions of GoodFoodNearYou for GPS enabled devices like the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Curve because mobile browsers on cell phones are often used to access location based information on the web," explains Desai.

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