Friday, January 16, 2009

A World First In Gyms

With unemployment figures on the up and doom and gloom an everyday part of the job market, a gym chain popular with celebrities is bucking the trend in a most unusual way by employing five new members of staff as human weights. The 30% increase in the workforce is down to the launch of a new piece of weight training apparatus, the only one of its kind in the world, that uses real life people instead of dumbbells, being launched in GYMBOX's new gym in Bank, EC1.

The human weights, which enable users to flex and curl by 'pumping' human beings, which will be available from 19th January in GYMBOX Bank, are being introduced to motivate gym-goers by allowing them to visualise what they are lifting. Experts in sports psychology agree that visualisation is a significant factor in improving performance and human weights are as visual as it can get.

The human weights are the latest in a long line of unusual initiatives from GYMBOX, who's users include the likes of Orlando Bloom and Christian Slater. The gym were famous for introducing Boob Aerobics to the UK (the workout that can help increase bust size), Chav fighting (self defence for the modern world) and the WAG workout, a course on how to look every inch the trophy footballers wife (instructed by a real-life WAG).

Unlike regular dumbbells, the human weights will come with an optional 'motivation feature' where each human weight will shout words of encouragement to ensure muscles are worked to the max, at the gym goer's request. Otherwise they will just keep quiet and keep still as they are lifted.

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