Friday, July 11, 2008

Mens Top Five Weight Loss Tips to Help You Lose That Gut

(Health and Fitness), Men are finding it's just as hard as women to make the decision to lose weight. So we have listed some tips that will help men with weight loss and tips for maintaining a healthy weight.

1. Travelling by car - Avoid snacking on sweets and chips by packing a cooler with veggies, fruit, water, and low fat crackers like ryvita or melba toast. And instead of stopping at fast food restaurants on the way, stop at a local supermarket and buy sliced lean turkey, whole-wheat buns or bread, and fruit. Make a picnic, stop and enjoy the day with your family.

2. Cottaging - At the cottage, eating and drinking seem to go together. And this can take place over the entire summer. Pace your drinking by having several glasses of mineral water first to get rid of your thirst, and then switch to lite beer or try spritzers - half wine and half mineral water. Put some lean meat or fish on the barbeque and enjoy with fresh summer vegetables.

3. Golfing and sporting events - If you're teeing off early in the morning, have a protein-packed breakfast, like a couple of hard-boiled eggs or a protein shake, before hitting the green. Protein improves concentration and cognitive skills, both of which can boost your score. If you eat lunch or dinner in the clubhouse, order a big salad for lunch topped with grilled chicken or salmon, with dressing on the side.

4. Vacations - If you're staying at a resort, avoid temptation by keeping your own snacks in the bar fridge, and don't let yourself get too hungry! Avoid all-inclusive resorts, the temptations can be too hard to resist.

5. Barbeques - Men traditionally eat lots of red meat, sausages and ribs. But if you're trying to slim down, lean meats and fish are better options. If you're visiting friends, help out the host by bringing along healthy options that everyone can enjoy like a salad or vegetables to grill.

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